Croatian Adriatic » Dalmatia » Island Iž
Iz is located between Zadar’s islands between islands Dugi Otok and Ugljan. The biggest point of island is Korinjak (168). Around Iz are some small islands. Iz was settlement in Antic. Iz is covered with grove, olive tree, ficus and vineyards.

Brsanj is a ferry port of island Iz. The route from the harbour connects all seats

Vodenjak – bay, which is protecting by the little island on the east side. Cliffs are located between coast and island. Bays, which are protecting from the winds bora and mistral have the most amazing beaches on the island

Mali Iž – is village with small harbor on the southwest part of island. We can buy some food and water in the village.

Veli Iž – the biggest village at island with harbor, in the front of is located island Rutnjak with park, beaches and nudist beach. The most interest building is original Romans residency of familz Fantogna, which was rebuilt in 19th century to be a school.